Historical Text: Chinese Students’ Monthly, Vol. 4 No. 1, pg. 5 (Nov. 1908)

The Historical Text for this week is from the Chinese Students’ Monthly. It deals with the remission of the Boxer Indemnity by the United States, and the optimism by which this was greeted in both countries.


The Chinese Students’ Monthly, Vol. 4 No. 1, pg. 5-6





The American Government has always claimed to stand for a square deal. The noble action taken by President Roosevelt in recommending to Congress the remission of a part of the Boxer Indemnity and the prompt adoption by Congress of the President’s recommendation not only bear out what the United States stands for, but also sets a new standard of international morality.
On the other hand, China’s appreciation of this friendly and just act is, indeed, up to expectations. The appointment of such a high and enlightened official as H. E. [ed. note: His Excellency] Tong Shao-yi, who received his education in America, who is always friendly to good Americans, and who calls America his second home, as
special envoy to convey the Emperor’s thanks to the United States and the general gratifying feeling towards America over the whole Empire, proves that both the Government and the people are keenly conscious of America’s friendship and

Again, the way which the Chinese Government has adopted for spending the returned sum not only shows that China will use this money most effectively for true reforms, but indicates that she has a deep gratitude and a sincere desire to reciprocate. By sending over so many hundreds of students to this country, as planned by the Government, she gives America the greatest advantage of her immense market, which many other Powers envy. The magnitude of the indirect gain from this advantage cannot be adequately foretold.

Moreover, the coming of these students will help considerably in removing the unfortunate prejudices of our American friends, and thereby increase the friendly feeling. False ideas about peoples can only be corrected by the intermingling of
representative types of these peoples, which intermingling enables them to get acquainted and learn from such acquaintances that, after all, there is little difference in human nature.

Mountains interposed,
Made enemies of nations who had else.
Like kindred drops, been mingled into one.

And there are no barriers so formidable as the mountains of ignorance. Hence, we may safely say that this remission will bring only satisfaction to all right-thinking people and result in a stronger tie of friendship between the greatest Empire on
one side of the globe and the greatest Republic on the other.

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