Month: September 2018

Historical Text: Young China, No. 5, pg. 14-15 (Aug. 1920)

A later Historical Text for this week! This one’s from 1920, a publication called “Young China”, which was published by The Publicity Bureau of the Chinese Students in the University of Illinois. The University of Illinois always had a large number of Chinese Students, especially Boxer Indemnity Scholars, because the president of the university, Edmund J. James, was integral in convincing the US government to set up the Boxer Indemnity Scholarship in the first place.

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S. N. Au-Young

Today’s post is on S. N. Au-Young (欧阳心农, pinyin Ōuyáng XīnNóng), who attended the University of Michigan, Brown, George Washington University, and Columbia University. The antithesis of Tony Stark, S. N. Au-Young was a lawyer economist philosopher-poet, as well as a descendant of the famous Song Dynasty intellectual Ouyang Xiu, and later in life he had an affair with modern dance pioneer Ruth St. Denis.

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